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Producer, Choreographer & Creative Director.

Nicole Wells is one of Australia’s most sought-after teachers and choreographers and the principal of one of Australia’s leading Performing Arts Institutes, Dance Force. Nicole’s first professional work came from performing in and choreographing many corporate events all over Australia. Nicole’s career then took her to the USA where she spent 2 years in Las Vegas 

On returning to Australia, she started the Dance Force which has produced some of the country’s most successful artists. Nicole’s Full time performing arts graduates are now all over the world in London, USA, in world renowned Musicals and on various contracts including, Cirque De Solei, Moulin Rouge, Royal Caribbean Cruise lines, Celebrity Cruise lines, Norwegian Cruise lines, Disney Cruise lines, Princess Cruise lines, Crazy Horse Paris, Universal Studios and many more.

Annually since 2017 Nicole has produced and choreographed Dance Force-The tour which has sold out shows throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Nicole has judged international competitions in Australia, Indonesia, Thailand and the USA and has taught masterclasses at some of the worlds most most prestigious studios and conventions including Broadway Dance Centre, Australian Dance Festival, Mather Dance Company, The Space, Powerpak, Get the Beat International and more 

Nicole loves inspiring the next generation and creating and choreographing works that are inspiring for dancers and their audiences.


Nicole Wells Choreography


Nicole Wells Choreography


Nicole Wells Choreography
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Nicole Wells is the director and founder of Dance Force, Australia. Dance Force dancers are known for their versatility, work ethic & friendly attitude, which in turn makes them employable in all areas of the performing arts industry. 


Nicole Wells Choreography


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